More than 120 researchers, policy-makers and academic practitioners from over 30 ASEM countries gathered on 3-5 October 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark,  at the biannual ASEM Forum on Lifelong Learning 2016 on “21st Century Skills”. They were welcomed with opening remarks from Ms Leonie NAGARAJAN, ASEF’s Director of Education.  Ambassador Prof Jørgen Ørstrøm MØLLER, ASEF Governor from Denmark, was one of the keynote speakers. Participants explored the skills needed to thrive in our ever-changing world, and how researchers, policy-makers and academic practitioners can create appropriate lifelong learning opportunities in Asia and Europe.


The Forum’s workshops focused on several sub-themes including: linkages between higher education and sustainable development; the role of educators in the 21st century; the assessment and learning culture; national strategies for future learning; education challenges for e-learning; core competences needed for an unknown future; and, the workplace as a learning space.


All the speeches and presentations at the Forumare published by the organisers, ASEM LLL Hub (Danish School of Education of Aarhus University) in cooperation with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Danish Ministry for Children, Education and Gender Quality, and supported by ASEF. The recommendations from the Forum will be tabled at the 6th ASEM Education Ministers' Meeting(ASEM ME6) in 2017 in Korea. 

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