Out of 99 individual applications received in the month of June through the open call for Mobility First! - ASEF Cultural Mobility Initiative, we have selected the following artists, cultural professionals & organisations:




Mobility Route

For participation in


Soe Yu Nwe (Myanmar)

Myanmar to China

Shangyu Celadon Modern International Ceramic Art Center Residency


Corinne JABER (France)

France to India

Research trip in Punjab about India/Pakistan partition for upcoming play on this topic


Yana STANCHEVA (Bulgaria)

Bulgaria to China

Research trip about Asia Art Archive with the view of creating a Balkan Art Archive


Sandra LATANAUSKAITE (Lithuania)

Lithuania to China

The Atelier for Young Festival and Cultural Managers


Luisa CAIANO (Portugal)

Portugal to China

The Atelier for Young Festival and Cultural Managers


Alexey KOROLEV (Russian Federation)

Russian Federation to France

Partnership meeting with Medici.TV


Tareq AHMED (Bangladesh)

Bangladesh to The Netherlands

The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

Out of 53 applications received through 18 Organisations, we have selected the following artists. In partnership with Home for Cooperation, ASEF will be supporting the mobility of 3 artists to perform at Buffer Fringe, a performing arts festival in Nicosia, Cyprus.



Mobility Route


Yukio SUZUKI (Japan)

Japan to Cyprus


Nao ASHIMINE (Japan)

Japan to Cyprus


Takashi KAWACHI (Japan)

Japan to Cyprus

We thank everyone who sent in their applications for the 3rd round. Applications for Round 4 is ongoing. We encourage applications for events commencing in October/November. The results for Round 4 will be published on this page on 07 August 2017.

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