This is the 3rd & final cycle of Mobility First! – ASEF Cultural Mobility Initiative, the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)’s travel grant for artists and cultural professionals. Overall, we have received 825 applications for all 3 cycles from 482 individual applications and 343 arts practitioners nominated through 110 organisation applications. In total, we have supported 84 artists and cultural professionals in 2018.

These are the selected artists, cultural professionals, and arts organisations for the final cycle:

Selected individuals include:




Mobility Route

Neeraj Bhasin


Beyond Festival

India to Germany

Takeshi Matsumoto


Contemporary dance workshop and filmmaking with refugee children in Thailand

UK to Thailand

Elisabeth Sri Unggul Ida Mulyani


Artistic research and production on exile migration in Indonesia

Belgium to Indonesia

Naomi Ota


Developing new artistic methodology for a site specific installation and performance

Australia to Republic of Korea

Andreas Ceska


Art for Change 2018 – New Delhi

Austria to India

Johanna Sims


International exhibition: Contamination

Sweden to Republic of Korea

Anna Koshcheeva

Russian Federation

Archival research in Vientiane

Singapore to Lao PDR

Pablo Chavanel


Crossing Borders Training Programme

Cambodia to Germany

Sazkia Noor  Anggraini


DMZ Korean International Documentary Film Festival

Indonesia to Korea

Lenka Moravkova

Czech Republic

Artists’ Residency: House of Natural Fibres

Czech Republic to Indonesia

Edwin Quinsayas


Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival 2018

Philippines to Thailand

Luise Rist


Writers’ Residency: Developing Manouche

Germany to India

 Selected organisations include:

Event / Organisation

Country where event is held

Artists/Cultural Professionals

Young Cultural Innovators Forum organised by Salzburg Global Seminar


Arundhati Ghosh (India); Hiroko Kikuchi (Japan); Mihong Kim (Korea); Ho Yiu Luk (China); Julia Nebrija (Philippines)

Asia Pacific Screen Laboratory organised by Griffith Film School


Teng Mangansakan (Philippines); Nilotpal Majumdar (India); Daniel Rudi Haryanto (Indonesia); Anthony Chen (Singapore); Pavel Jech (Czech Republic)

VIVA EXCON CAPIZ 2018 organised by Green Papaya Art Projects


Lizza May David (Germany); Phuong Linh Nguyen (Viet Nam); Lani Maestro (Philippines – based in France); Enzo Camacho (Philippines – based in Germany); Jeebesh Bagchi (Philippines – based in India)

Blind With Camera (Workshop) organised by Beyond Sight Foundation


Partha Bhowmick (India); Rashmi Bhowmick (India)


To know more about the selected artists, cultural professionals, and arts organisations, we have published the remarks from the Selection Committee here:

Overall Remarks from the Selection Committee - Mobility First! 3rd Cycle


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