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Maintaining Truth & Trust in Media in the Digital Age
Moderator: Dr Fraser CAMERON

Social Media has disrupted industries all over the world, from communications down to operations. The Media Industry is one of the most affected by this technological upheaval. Is the role of the gatekeeper gone?

How are media companies in Asia and Europe coping with the change in news consumption? What is being done by tech companies and news organisations to ensure the accurate and responsible distribution of information? Find out more from our cross-continental panel of experts.


Opening Address by Mr Christophe LECLERQ | Founder, EURACTIV

Mr Cod SATRUSAYANG | Managing Editor, Asia News Network

Ms Juliane VON REPPERT-BISMARCK | Founder & Director, Lie Detectors

Mr Astik SINHA | Head of Policy & Special Projects, Office of the Chairman, Indian Parliamentary IT Committee

Mr Aidan WHITE | Founder & President, Ethical Journalism Network

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