Maya Dance Theatre is a dance theatre company with a strong mission of bringing awareness of social issues through multi-disciplinary dance theatre works and community initiatives. Formed in 2007, Maya Dance Theatre presents site-centric works in Singapore while touring internationally. A staunch supporter of collaborations, the company has partnered with an array of collaborators from Singapore and overseas to create aesthetic works which aims to educate, highlight and entertain audiences.

3 members of Maya Dance Theatre will be participating in Movement: Directing/Teaching Lab organised by IUGTE association in Berlin, Germany which will aid in diversifying the supported artists' professional dance vocabulary. Master classes and workshops for independent dancers in Germany will also be conducted during the artists' residency with IPtanz. In addition, a new collaborative dance production with local German dancers will also be produced.

Through Mobility First!, ASEF will be supporting the mobility of 3 Asian artists to attend the 'Movement: Directing/Teaching Lab' Training and Artist Residency with IPtanz from 25 August to 22 September 2019 in Berlin and Cologne, Germany.

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