KADIST is a non-profit organization dedicated to exhibiting the work of artists represented in its collection, encourages this engagement and affirms contemporary art's relevance within social discourse. Its programs develop collaborations with artists, curators and many art organizations around the world, facilitating new connections across cultures. Local programs in KADIST's hubs of Paris and San Francisco include exhibitions, public events, residencies and educational initiatives. Complemented by an active online network, they aim at creating vibrant conversations about contemporary art and ideas.

The Superhero Summit organised by Kadist, was conceptualised with the intent to re-examine the world and the definition of super-powers in different landscapes, geographies and desires today. The Summit will bring together artists, academics, architects, and ‘superheroes’ to offer new readings of power and agency. For instance, what are the sites for contemporary and futuristic folklore, and what are feminist readings of heroes from the past? What are the forms of power and transformation offered by artists?

Through Mobility First!, ASEF will be supporting the mobility of 3 Asian nationals to attend the Superhero Summit from 15 to 16 November 2019 which will be held in Paris, France.

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