CirquonsFlex is a performing arts organisation based in Reunion Island, a French territory in the Indian Ocean. Cirquons Flex's primary focus has been on contemporary circus with a broader emphasis on performances involving movement. The organisation believes that contemporary circus is the contact point between physical expression and narration, and a performative crossroads for people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and origins to meet and share moments of joy and poetry. Being from a tiny island, the challenges in accessing cultural resources and the resulting need to create art where it is most craved – and needed – became apparent from the very beginning. In response to this, Cirquons Flex has been organising residencies in secluded areas, rural communities, suburbs and designated educational priority areas.

The proposed project aims to encourage and further develop contemporary circus, by inviting artists from the Trimukhi Platform, based in the tribal Santhal village of Borotalpada, in the Indian state of West Bengal, to share their artistic practice. This platform of mutual A travel grant for artists and cultural professionals in Asia and Europe 15 of 16 exchange hopes to draw local, regional and international attention to the socio-economic and cultural values of media and performing arts in raising inclusivity and livelihoods, in this case bridging Europe's sole territory in the region, the Reunion Islands, with one of India's vibrant communities.


Through Mobility First!, ASEF will be supporting the mobility of 1 European and 3 Asian nationals to participate in Cirquons Flex meets Trimukhi Platform: Workshops in Reunion Island from 2 to 13 December 2019, held in Reunion Island, France.

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