Arts. Environment. Sustainability. How can Culture Make a Difference?

In 2008 ASEF initiated a four year programme called Connect2Culture that investigates the evolving role of arts and culture in society. As a result of the programme, in 2011 ASEF is launching the Connect2Culture dossier: Arts. Environment. Sustainability. How can Culture Make a Difference? at the ASEF-supported roundtable at the 5th World Summit on Arts and Culture in Melbourne, Australia.

The programme engaged many experts from different sectors in Asia and Europe to address issues related to art and environmental sustainability through artistic projects, workshops and policy meetings. The dossier summarises ASEF’s work in the area of arts and environment from 2008 to 2011 and reflects on the issues raised by the people involved.
There is a growing recognition of the contributions of culture and the arts to finding creative solutions for global challenges. Both civil society and governmental stakeholders are beginning to acknowledge the transversal nature of culture and consequently, its value to sustainable development, environment, education, health and social cohesion, among other fields.

The dossier includes:

These can be downloaded as separate PDFs from the menu on the right.

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