Themes was presented to world cultural leaders and delegates taking part in the World Summit on Arts and Culture in Melbourne, Australia (2 - 6 October 2011) as part of the activities supported by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). The Summit was co-hosted by the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) and the Australia Council for the Arts and took place at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Over 400 delegates from 74 countries took part.

Throughout the Summit, had an exhibition booth at the foyer of the Melbourne Convention Centre, where it showcased ASEF projects and publications in the field of arts and culture. As part of the creative activities at the booth, encouraged its users online and the Summit delegates to reflect on the theme of the Summit, “Creative Intersections”. The responses formed part of a creative map at the booth which was designed by Australian artist Hugh Davies.

In addition, hosted two events which were part of the Summit. On October 2, hosted the reception of the CEO Leadership Seminar which provided an opportunity for CEOs of national arts councils and ministries of culture to discuss issues of leadership in arts funding and to reflect on the challenges of being leaders of government agencies that support the arts and culture.

And on October 4, hosted the roundtable “Changing places – evolving cultural policies in Asia”. The roundtable explored how shifts in geopolitics and world economies have influenced arts and cultural policies in Asia.

Read more about's creative project at the booth.

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