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Interview on Ties That Bind: Asia Europe Film Producers Workshop

Creative Encounters - Third Edition (2013-14)

The Asia-Europe Foundation's representative Sasiwimon Wongjarin has given an interview about the activities, goals, and projects of ASEF, supporter of Ties That Bind: Asia-Europe Creative Producers Workshop organised alongside the 16th Udine Far East Film Festival.

The interview is conducted by Eddie Bertozzi, reporter from Fred Chanel One under the section of Fred Festivals.  He also interview facilitators of the Ties That Bind project;  Christophe Bruncher, the head of studies tells us what is TiesThat Bind and discusses the increasing success of the workshop. Clare Downs, script consultant, explains the importance of developing a good script, and gives us a few tips too.  Sibylle Kurz, pitching consultant, elaborates on the art of a good film project pitch. Listen to more podcast on Udine Far East Film Festival online

Ties That Bind: Asia Europe Film Producers Workshop took place on 29 Aprilto3 May 2014 in Udine, Italy, alongside the 16th Far East Film Festival. Ties That Bind is supported by ASEF in 2014 through its programme, Creative Encounters: Cultural Partnerships between Asia and Europe.