Creative industries are emerging as an area of mutual interest for Asia-Europe dialogue and are also high on the cultural agenda of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). Recognising such priority,  ASEF through its portal supported a series of training workshops on cultural mobility and creative industries from 16-19 June 2014 in Metz, France and in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.

The workshops, organised with the European network On-The-Move, the Region Lorraine and the Agence luxembourgeoise d’action culturelle, helped in filling existing information gaps on mobility support for artists and cultural professionals, with specific focus on the creative industries.

On 16 June representatives of the cultural sector from the Lorraine region met with cultural organisations from Asia and Europe in Metz. The meeting proved to be a valuable opportunity to gain insights into the dynamic creative industries landscape in both regions.

Between 17-19 June, opportunities and challenges related to the mobility of cultural practitioners between Asia and Europe were discussed. Valentina RICCARDI, Project Manager of ASEF, presented the mobility funding guides for artists and cultural operators promoted by ASEF.

The guides are available online on ASEF’s arts and culture portal

Photo Credits: Marie Le Sourd