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ASEF culture360 media partner of Tropfest South East Asia Short Film Festival

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1 Jan 2015 - 28 Feb 2015 Culture Department Culture

Penang, Malaysia

ASEF culture360 is proud to announce its first media partnership in 2015 with Tropfest South East Asia, the world largest short film festival.Over 20 years ago, John Polson started the Tropicana Short Film Festival (as it was originally known) as an informal short film screening for cast, crew and friends at the Tropicana Cafe in Sydney. More than 200 people showed up for that first screening. Inspired by the turn out, John decided that a full-fledged short film festival was the next step.

The festival has since expanded to become the world’s largest short film festival, and now includes screenings in New York, New Zealand, Abu Dhabi, and – since 2014 – Penang, Malaysia. The festival is free to attend and showcases the finalist films from the Tropfest SEA short film competition, which is open to all residents and citizens of Southeast Asia. 

As part of the media partnership with Tropfest SEA, this month ASEF culture360 will publish a series of interviews with some of the filmmakers who participated in the short film competition. The first interview will be with the winner of this year's edition, Cambodian filmmaker Polen Ly, who will talk about his movie Colourful Knots. 

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