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4th WorldCP-Asia Authors and Partners Meeting

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11 November 2015 ASEF Culture Department Culture Department ASEF Cultural Policy Project Culture

Wroclaw, Poland

The 4th WorldCP-Asia Authors and Partners Meeting, held alongside the 14th Assembly of Experts of the Council of Europe/EricArts Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe, brought together 15 authors and researchers from Asia and Europe to share experiences and improve the country report research and drafting process.

The meeting was organised in the framework of the WorldCP-Asia initiatve, a central component of WorldCP – International Database of Cultural Policies, supported by ASEF.

Three key areas were covered during the meeting: content, process, and users. Under these areas, the importance of context-setting, technology, and tracking user preferences and needs were highlighted; while lack of verifiable data and funding sources were some of the major challenges faced by the authors. In addition, ideas moving forward were also discussed. These include learning from experts in other fields in order to capture the multidisciplinary nature of culture policy, raising the profile of the WorldCP-Asia project, and favouring the team model over the single author model.

The report of this meeting is available for download in Documents section of this page

The 4th WordCP-Asia Authors and Partners Meeting is part of a long-running dialogue series on arts and culture policy issues of mutual interest and common relevance for Asia and Europe. Past Experts’ Meetings were held in Hanoi, Viet Nam (2013), Seoul, Korea (2011), and Melbourne, Australia (2011).