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Development Strategies Of Local Cultural Industries In Asia And Europe

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
09 Dec 02 - 10 Dec 02 Asia-Europe Foundation Culture Department ASEF Cultural Policy Project Culture

Macau (China)

"The most compelling reason we cannot just stand by and let the cultural industry be ruled by the usual market principles is that if we do, the 'cultural diversity' -- the essence and the beauty of the culture and civilisation -- is very much likely to be lost in no time. It is a beautiful irony that even a dominant culture can maintain its beauty only when it co-exists with less dominant cultures. I trust that many... would rather close their eyes and shut their ears than live in a community where there is no diversity, therefore no choice. Diversity also means creativity. History shows us that whenever the creative activity of man was at peak, invariably, there was diversity of culture." - Kim Sung-Chul, ASEF Deputy Executive Director, at the opening of the workshop


This seminar gathered European and Asian experts and was held over two sessions:

1. Developing Local Cultural Industries: Economic Value And Copyright Protection

At this session, participants were given an overview of development opportunities in cultural industries, and lessons were drawn from success stories and comparative international assessments.

2. Dividing The Economic And Financial Risks: Models For Public-Private Partnerships

This session focused on partnerships with private initiatives in order to reduce financial risks.