The Eurozone's present debt difficulties and its potential adverse impact on Asia’s economies is a key topic in current Asia-Europe relations. Is the EU well equipped to recover by itself from the current economic crisis, or would Asian countries be consulted for support, and what role could ASEM play?

Ambassador Pierre Sellal, Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of France, shared his perspectives on these questions in a Public Talk on “The European Union in a Globalized World – Strategic Prospects”, organised by ASEF and the French Embassy in Singapore (16 March 2012).

Ambassador Sellal, a key figure in French diplomacy, believed that Europe’s core founding principles - responsibility, solidarity, convergence and improved governance - ensured Europe’s continuous role in addressing global challenges. Furthermore, more international co-operation was needed to promote economic growth and economic changes – with ASEM as an important key player in this field.