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Asia Europe Conference Of Student Union Leaders (AE-Consult)

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12 Sep 04 - 15 Sep 04 Asia-Europe Foundation Education Department Asia-Europe Youth Co-operation Education

Stockholm (Sweden)


This conference was held to bridge differences among the student unions in terms of their mission, objectives, agenda, structure, and membership. It also aimed to help establish new partnerships and friendships among the participating student unions.

Eighteen student union leaders from 15 ASEM countries participated in the conference, and they shared their views on the structures and roles of student unions. They demonstrated a reasonable understanding of the diversities between student unions in Asia and Europe, and were optimistic that they could narrow some differences over time through more communication and face-to-face exchanges. Through their interactions, they expanded their international network, exchanged experiences, learned about best practices, and explored possibilities for co-operation.

Participants also enjoyed visits to the nostalgic Old Town of Stockholm, the beautiful City Hall where Nobel Prize festivities are held, and the Vasa Museum that houses the treasures and artefacts of the Royal Warship Vasa that sank on its maiden voyage in 1628. In addition, they were given a tour around the prestigious medical university in Stockholm: Karolinska Institutet.


Mr. Erland Ringborg, member of the ASEF Board of Governors and Director-General of the Swedish Institute


Stockholms Studentkårers Centralorganisation