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Asia-Europe Workshop Series (AEWS) 2008/2009:

Selection Committee Meeting

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
15 Apr 08 - 15 Apr 08 Governance & Economy Department Asia-Europe Workshop Series Education

Leiden (The Netherlands)


The AEWS aims to foster dialogue and collaboration between Asia and Europe by supporting academic institutions to organise workshops focusing on issues affecting the two regions. Each year, a call for proposals is announced on the AEWS web site ( and other relevant sites. Applicants are invited to submit joint-proposals between at least one Asian institution and one European institution, for workshops that will focus on contemporary topics concerning both Asia and Europe in a comparative perspective. Further, these proposals are to follow a set of criteria that takes into account the inter-regional and multi-lateral importance of such topics. In particular, the AEWS has strived to support and encourage the participation of promising young researchers.

In each cycle, the six best workshop proposals are selected by the AEWS Selection Committee, consisting of high-level academics with relevant specialisations, representing the different academic institutions in the ASEM countries. These were the proposals selected for the 2008/2009 Workshop Series:

  1. Social Memory and Its Impact on Global Political Communication
Hangzhou, China | 7-8 November 2008
    Co-organised by Junhua Zhang (Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China) and Welzer (Kulturwissenschaftliches Institute, Germany) 

  2. Perspectives on Children’s Active Engagement with Migration in the Southeast Asian Region
Salaya, Thailand | late 2008/early 2009
    Co-organised by Sureeporn Punpuing (Mahidol University, Thailand) and Huijsmans (Durham University, UK)
  3. Enclave Urbanism as Problem or Solution: European and Asian Perspectives
Utrecht, the Netherlands | 11-13 June 2009
    Co-organised by Van Kempen (Urban Regional Research, the Netherlands) and Li (Hong Kong Baptist University, China)
  4. Textbook Revision and Peace Education Revisited: Past Experiences – Present Expectations – Future Concepts 
Beijing, China | 4-6 November 2008
    Co-organised by Eckhardt Fuchs (Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research, Germany) and Tatsuya (Peace Boat, Japan)
  5. Conceptual History and Global Translations: The Euro-Asian Semantics of the Social 
Bangkok, Thailand | 2-4 March 2009
    Co-organised by Bo Stråth (Renvall Institute, Finland) and Meyer (Srinakarinwirot University, Thailand)

  6. The Oil Palm Controversy in Transnational Perspective
Singapore | 2-4 March 2009
    Co-organised by Oliver Pye (Bonn University, Germany) and Ramasamy (Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore)


Funded by the European Union