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ASEM Education Hub (AEH) Thematic Network:

Studies Of Regionalism In The ASEM Context

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
07 Dec 09 - 08 Dec 09 Asia-Europe Foundation Education Department ASEF Higher Education Programme (AHEP) Education



At its conference this year, the AEH's Thematic Network on Studies of Regionalism brought together 62 scholars, academics, policy researchers, and students from universities, research centres, and think-tanks from ASEM countries to examine different concepts of regionalism.

Participants discussed how inter-regional frameworks such as the ASEM could facilitate the development of regional frameworks to support the development of regions, regionalism, and global governance. The conference also saw several case study presentations, which demonstrated how the EU and regional entities in Asia (such as ASEAN and ASEAN plus Three) tackled challenges in the areas of trade, environment, and migration.

Papers presented in the conference and a Policy Brief drawn on the conference recommendations were published at a later date.


- Networked regionalism: What is its role in sketching the trajectory of region-building in Asia, in contrast to institutional regionalism in Europe?

- How effective are networked and institutional regionalism in contributing to global governance?


  • European Union Centre in Singapore
Funded by the European Union