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ASEM Youth Dialogue on Globalisation

A World Without Borders? Asia-Europe Youth Responses to Globalisation

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
19 Sep 2002 - 23 Sep 2002 Asia-Europe Foundation Education Department ASEM Youth Dialogues Education

Copenhagen (Denmark)

The inaugural ASEM Youth Dialogue, entitled `A World Without Borders? Asia-Europe Youth Responses to Globalisation' in Hillerod, Denmark from 19th-22nd September, 2002 created new friendships, a common vision, and a wish to continue the dialogue.

These were the common views expressed by 63 participants and observers from 24 ASEM countries who attended this dialogue. Under the theme it was a joint collaboration between the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) and the Danish Youth Council (DUF).

During the three-day gathering, participants were engaged in intensive discussions on four key issues related to globalisation, namely, Migration; Youth Participation for Good Governance; Global Images and Identities; and Youth Employment, Education and Lifelong Learning. The meeting succeeded in bringing forth an ASEM Youth Statement on Globalisation, which captured points of convergence and noted recommendations by the participants on possible responses to the challenges of globalisation. The Youth Statement was received by Danish Minister for European Affairs, Bertel Haarder on behalf of the Danish ASEM Chairmanship. A copy of the statement was likewise sent to the Head of each ASEM Delegation on the occasion of the 4th ASEM Summit held in Copenhagen.