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ASEF ClassNet Award Finalists

13th ASEF Classroom Network Conference #ASEFClassNet13

In 2016, 152 secondary, vocational and high school educators and 2,454 students from 38 ASEM countries carried out 34 Online Collaborations through the ASEF Classroom Network (ASEF ClassNet).

Online Collaborations are ASEF ClassNet's online activities. Developed and led by ASEF ClassNet teachers, Online Collaborations bring together teachers and students from across Asia and Europe to explore a mutually significant subject of their choice. Using education technology and teamwork, students and teachers share their knowledge of the subject and, in doing so, develop a deeper appreciation of their own and each other's cultures.

Every year, the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) shortlists 6 Online Collaborations for their outstanding achievements in advancing the objectives of ASEF ClassNet. Of the 34 Online Collaborations, the following 6 were shortlisted as contenders for the 2016 ASEF ClassNet Awards to be held at the upcoming 13th ASEF Classroom Network Conference in September 2017:

ASEF also acknowledged all the Online Collaboration teams that participated in 2016 for their valuable contributions.

Interested to know who will bag the Gold and Merit Awards? Follow ASEFEdu on Facebook, and keep your eyes peeled for news about the upcoming 13th ASEF Classroom Network Conference, at which the winners will be announced.