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Theory Meets Practice: Teacher Training in the Digital Era

13th ASEF Classroom Network Conference #ASEFClassNet13

More than 100 researchers, teacher trainers, and secondary, vocational and high school teachers from over 40 ASEM Countries gathered on 8 - 11 September 2017 in Zug, Switzerland at the ASEM LLL Hub & 13th ASEF ClassNet Conference Theory Meets Practice: Teacher Training in the Digital Era. Participants explored and identified competencies of Adult Educators and Trainers required for education and training in the digital era across ASEM countries, which were documented as recommendations for researchers, policy-makers and academic practitioners.

The event took place at the University of Teacher Education Zug, and consisted of workshops, presentations and panels focusing on teacher training through the lens of lifelong learning, including: upgrading teacher professional skills; development of ICT skills and the culture of e-learning in lifelong learning; and digitalised education and personalised learning.

The conference also featured case studies of six finalists from digital online collaborations conducted by teachers and students of the ASEF Classroom Network (ClassNet), which was then judged and awarded based on the uniqueness and multicultural element of the project. The awards were distributed to the teachers of the following projects:

Gold Awards:

Merit Awards: