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8th Talks on the Hill

Re-righting Intellectual Property: Economic and Social Policy Challenges in Asia and Europe

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
07 May 06 - 09 May 06 Asia-Europe Foundation Governance & Economy Department Talks on the Hill Governance & Human Rights


The 8th Talks on the Hill, entitled “Re-righting Intellectual Property: Economic and Social policy challenges in Asia and Europe” took place at ASEF, Singapore from 7th-9th May, 2006.

Bringing together 13-15 experts on the subhject from Asia and Europe, this meeting discussed philosophical and economic rationale behind IP, national, regional and international regimes of IP regulation, and challenges in the implementation and enforcement of IP law. Included in the meeting was a case study on IP and access to essential medicines.

Beginning with an overview of the philosophical and economic rationale behind the development of intellectual property rights, the meeting went on to discuss the pertinent issues faced by the countries of ASEM at the level of regional and international organisations. Finally, this meeting discussed concrete questions related to the implementation and enforceability of intellectual property across various countries, focusing on both economic and political challenges as well as cultural perceptions and beliefs of the population that need to be recognised in the incorporation of intellectual property law and policy into various countries.

Funded by the European Union