• Animations based on three pandemic scenarios developed through a series of workshops in 2010
  • Animations to be used to design strategies for pandemic preparedness 
  • Animations publicly launched in June 2011

We have learnt from previous crises with pandemics: If we want to be better prepared for the future, we need to look beyond tomorrow and take into account the ‘unknown’. In other words, we have to better understand ‘uncertainties’.  Hence ASEF ASAP - Accurate Scenarios - Active Preparedness is the project by the ASEF Public Health Network.

Through a series of workshops in 2010, the Network has developed three scenarios. Participants came from health as well as non-health sectors across Asia and Europe. All were involved in the scenario development process.

This year, we are making moving images of these scenarios in order to communicate widely the message of adequate pandemic preparedness. Each animated scenario will tell a distinct story set in a context. They will talk about how the world can possibly evolve over 30 years given different economic, political and social circumstances. These animations will be used during future workshops organised by the Network to design strategies for pandemic preparedness. The workshops kick off in June 2011.

A Public Launch of the scenarios will also be held in June. It will showcase the process behind the making of the scenarios. It will also be an opportunity to share and elaborate the application of these scenarios in the current and future contexts.

Check out more updates about the Public Launch here