ASEF continues to promote the exchange of information and knowledge between Asia and Europe on health and migration. Key issues related to migrants’ access to healthcare were addressed during the ASEF Public Health Network’s Seminar “Strengthening Asia-Europe Collaboration on Migrants’ Health”, taking place on 7 November 2014 in Manila, Philippines.

On this occasion, a set of recommendations have been compiled in the form of a Policy Brief and Health Booklet, which were presented during the Seminar. Both publications summarise the outcomes of ASEF’s report “The Health Dimension of Asian Migration to Europe”. The study indicates that Chinese and Filipino migrants in Spain and Italy rarely make full use of available healthcare services, despite their entitlement to these. The newly-produced Policy Brief therefore targeted migrant health policy makers, while the Health Booklet were distributed to Filipino migrants in Italy.

These publications were presented together with another Asia-Europe joint research project on migration health. The study applies social and economic approaches in addressing migrants’ access to healthcare in Austria, Italy, Hong Kong SAR and Singapore. It recommends recognising exclusion of migrants in healthcare as a social and economic problem. The research also stresses an instrumental role played by non-governmental organisations in providing healthcare services for excluded migrants and migrant workers.

All publications are available for download on ASEF Website by clicking the publication titles above.